Thursday, 29 October 2009

City of Hoax- New song

My latest song "City of Hoax" is now up on my myspace.

It was recorded last saturday and also written on the day aswell. Sometimes during the week i like certain words, recently i grew to the word Hoax. I was meaning to write a song around this word, so when my friend show me a chord progression he had been working on, i decided it would be this song. Quite a lot of the time i write about stuff that annoys me (injustice), luckily hoax was a word i could relate a story to, which made writing the lyrics natural. Obviously everyone can have their own interpretation to the song, but i think it has a fairly clear plot to it.

Hope you enjoy!
Chris Tarz Giles

Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Empathetic Mind -Poetry

Enjoy :) - have your own interpretation...

My mind of illogical irrelevance is not my own choice.The understanding of everything is the perfection within me, without this knowing, lack of solution is my imperfection. As I write the imagination sings; I am out of tune with others, when I think others see me as foreign yet I am dark matter. Nobody knows; can see my reflection is quirky. The impulses are none but obsessive. This thought I cannot distinguish between the tongue, this is just the way I am.

Why does the grass not reflect green in my eyes?
Why does the sun shine grey?
Why did that voice mean nothing?

The theories are my laws, my way of living.My normal is everything else; it is the mirror that is broken and separated. This is the only feeling I understand. Life for me has no face; I just drive along the straight high road. People wave eagerly, some offer to pay for my journey. As much as I am not abstract, I only want one thing.

An intersting Prediction

I was told about an interesting sort of theory, about the future and prospects of human life. As it is becoming evident humans are becoming more and more reliant on technology, and in the next hundred years or so we might become nearly fully reliant, also everything will be globally connected. So what if a virus was to toally destroy the one thing we humans would rely on totally. Chaos? Panic? Destruction? War?
Quite a negative thought but none the less, inetersting.
Although as the past has shown humans adapt to whatever is thrown at them.

chris tarz giles

Saturday, 17 October 2009

First of ze post bloga

An artist of the performance!