Saturday, 30 January 2010

The Folly.

You're moving away to the land where I once lived
with your heart walking the plank and your life full of sin.
A forests now without blue bells in the spring.
Let your love grow
Let your love grow
But first let it begin.

well well well... bare random musing. smack bam pow. can't wait for the springggggg

Thursday, 28 January 2010

McDonalds Apple Pies

It's a risk..
My hearts telling me yes but my mind's saying, hell no!
I've got the money, i have the patience, but i do not want to live my life on regret.
I act on spontaneity when they ask me up to the counter.
My mind is made up.
With confidence I ask; One McDonalds Apple Pie please.
It's done.
The person waddles off in an instance.
I sit down in one of those fashionable green spinney chairs
I stare at the beauty of this dangerous but alluring volcano.
It feels like hot iron as i gently move the precious up out of it's shell.
I breath in a huuricane to calm myself before i go in.
As i bite the lava erupts it to my mouth and burns my tongue. I quickly take it out my mouth and splurtter and splatter. My tongue is burnt again. Scarred. I will not be able to taste for a week.
Just why! Just why McDonalds! Why do you make your apple pies so bloody hot!?

wowowow. enough said for one blog post. done.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Pathetic Fallacy was showing our fate.
love and lust we had no hate.
The sun was rising in her eyes.
As she discovers it was lies
expressions all content and bright
as we composed and danced in flight.
Not a single note was sharp
We played our music from the heart.

okay, i will probably look back on this and think, what the fuck?
oh well, whatcha gonna doo. shakespeare sort of inspired this.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The Bitter Stabbing Wind

A winters day sprays the bitter stabbing wind upon my sadistic epxression.
The sun rises, no suprises, there's no change in that bitter stabbing wind.
Feeling like I've sinned I walk in shame not in fame.
Beelzebub stalks me and scratches in the pain
People try to console, but I just submit and bury myself under hot coals.
Give me trophies, give me medals.
You try to feed my ego, but please let me go, and no, don't follow me home.
Because, you will find yourself. Alone.

I juggled this up last night. From a state of mind.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

A Scenario- For the Year!

For the new year I have tried to write some poetic scenario shizzle. Let's just see how it flows.

Jimmy Brass drank too Much-

He’s acting like a pleb; she’s dancing like a spanner.
He thinks just because he knows her name is Hannah
And added her on facebook, he can play her, with his manners.

He gloats and says:
Saw her dp and she looked pretty fine
It won’t be long before she’s all mine
Not going to lie, won’t take me long to shine

He pranced over there like a bit of a twit
Forgetting the alcohol would soon make him sick
He’s just about to say: “girl you are fit”

Then oh shit... she storms out
Shouting you fucking lout
He’s never ever going to live this one out...

Jimmy Brass had to change his tactics..

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Aspirations for the Decade!

Instead of writing about my new years resolution, I have decided to write about what I want to do this decade.
1). Get through school education and achieve the necessary results.
2). Graduate from University.
3). Run the London & the Saharan Marathons
4). Climb Kilimanjaro.
5). Sky dive for charity.
6). Get a Snake
7). Live abroad.
8). see- The Killers, Paulo Nutini, Muse, Flobots and Mumford & sons. Also to go to see Les mers
9). Raise lots more money for charity.
10). Meet Banksy
11). Build a forest
12). Watch the Olympics in London
13). Get a Driving licence

all i have for now...