Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Leader Theatrics

I recently read an article in the Times Newspaper about the comments from Peter Mandelson about the Leadership contender Ed Miliband. He warned Ed Miliband that going back to "old labour" politics will not win them an election and he stated he was backing his brother David Miliband for leadership. It is clear from Mandelsons comments that he values popularity over political morals. Of course in this new era of politics PR and appealing to the electorate are extremely important but it seems Mandleson is in a deep love affair with the "New Labour" fiasco, who's public image is no better than when Nick Clegg wears a yellow tie. New Labour now has somewhat of a cheesy cliché image which the public do not want to associate with. Ed Miliband is proclaiming his strong political views on social justice and civil rights, rather than swaying to the centre ground like so many politicians who mask over their political morals when yearning for the electorate.