Monday, 22 February 2010

Cradle your Sentiment

Cradle your sentiment inside bleak purple forearms
because circulation flows like ice in a torrid landscape.
With ecstasy.
Roll up the finished, bloody, chromatic carpet and step softly on the exhausted severed floorboards.
They yell as if infatuation would heal the tendency for them to creak when walked on
Depleted and scarred the wall paper hung heavy like the heart which that I bear.
The painting which you gave me lived docile on the passive walls.
The dust made the grey painting
greyer than death
chapters written without any desire.

Monday, 15 February 2010

The ceiling bled tears
as he lay feeble beneath.
The seams on the wall look like veins ready to
give in.
He lay there silent and damp like a newspaper
which had been used as shelter from the rain
As if all the ink had merged and all the story's unreadable- untraceable- forever lost.

watched 7 pounds last night, has Will Smith in it.

it was well emotive.

my calender that i got for christmas is a guinea pig one. Febuary the guinea pig is doing pole vault...