Sunday, 26 September 2010

I want to be in the Anthology.

I want to be in the anthology

Because words are nice and to rhyme in verse

And curse at hate.

Emotions that can speak as echoes echoes echoes...

Often my words don’t dance, they are broken

They stumble and mumble prose


I am colour blind with words

Blue is grey

Orange is purple

And green doesn’t exist so often my images are obscured

As for sibilance I reject such sounds.

And onamatopia is a word I can never spell

So I SLASH pen to paper

SLASH pen to paper.

I’m not good with endings either.

general musing.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

New song lyrics- Musing.

I raise my glass to sadness and sorrow

I’ll feel this way today I’ll feel the same tomorrow

I wanted to leave living and practice flying

Drop me from this cloud, I’m dried up and hollow

A spirit toast to all the happy times

The rain burns down my throat I curse and it is fine

Letters are lonely and lonely and lonely

Give me a direction to follow a line

My heads down, back at the start

I whisper white noise, a feather heart

I continue the story of bitter sweet

Please leave me in here in misery and defeat

It happens..